The daughter of the Tappan family visited in 2001. The daughter gave some of the history of of the house. She said she got her first kiss under an old pine tree in the side yard. She also told us that there was an apple orchard there. It started by the house and going down towards Cline Ave. She also said there was a pond where the road dips on wood St. The Kinkel children also came to visit in 2001. They told us that the Angel room did not always have angels in it. If you look at the windows in the Angel room there are bb holes in it. Her brothers were defiantly all boy. They gave us the gramophone that they had in the house when they lived there. There is a picture of the Kinkel family hanging in the down stairs hallway.
Tappan House
Built 1880
Bed & Breakfast
The Tappan House was built in 1880. The house was owned by the Tappan family. They built the Tappan stove co. on Newman St. in Mansfield. In the 1940's the Tappan's moved to Park Ave. West and sold the house to the Kinkel family. In the 1960's the house was a boarding house. In 2001 we rescued it and brought it back to its original state as the Tappan House Bed and Breakfast.